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W H A T   I S   T U I N A ?

Tuina is a Chinese form of manipulative therapy and is known in the west either under its Chinese name, tuina, or simply as Chinese Medical Massage. As such, tuina is one of the five branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the other branches consisting of acupuncture and moxibustion, herbal medicine, dietetics, and qi gong.  


Tuina is commonly used for the symptomatic relief of pain, as well as for the treatment of neuro and musculo-skeletal conditions. It does so through the application of techniques that push (TUI) and grasp (NA) soft tissue. However, this also include stretches, manipulations, as well as more advanced techniques like bone setting and spinal traction.


Tuina makes extensive use of techniques from its TCM family, such as moxabustion, fire cupping, herbal patches and compresses, as well as rehabilitative exercises (qi gong). Moreover, tuina heavily relies on TCM theory for the identification of syndromes and patterns, and its diagnostic approach is guided by such principles as yin and yang, the five elements, qi, etc. Due to this comprehensive nature, tuina is differentiated by Chinese people from the more common forms of massage called anma. In short, what makes tuina a unique form of manual therapy is its foundation in TCM theory.



W H Y   S T U D Y   T U I N A ? 

Surprisingly perhaps, tuina today is one of the most practiced manipulative health systems in the world. According to the World Health Organisation, one out of four people has had tuina during their lives. Obviously, this is partly due to the respect tuina practitioners have had within China itself. Every university and every modern hospital in China today has its own separate tuina department, as important as any other Western-styled department.


In recent years, tuina has become increasingly popular in the West. More and more healthcare organisations in Europe are accepting tuina as a legitimate therapy in its own right. In fact, historically, tuina has inspired and influenced what we now know as French and Swedish massage.



L E A R N I N G   O U T C O M E S

A successful learner of these courses will be able to demonstrate both practical and theoretical skills that allow him/her to carry out a professional tuina massage. He/she should be able to:


  • correctly and efficiently execute basic hand techniques

  • safely manipulate all areas of the body

  • demonstrate a knowledge and ability of combining essential techniques into effective routines

  • communicate and aptly apply the fundamental principles of TCM.


With the certificates, the graduate will be able to apply for  professional insurance and join any clinic as a professional tuina practitioner.



T U I N A    C O U R S E S 





Those who commit to parts 1 and 2 from the start, will be issued with :

  • free student insurance (first 6 month term)  

  • free practitioner insurance (second 6 month term)



TUINA part 1 - certificate course  (6 months)

Certificate course for general health - 2 classes per month

Tuina certificate course is an excellent foundation to enter the healing arts of body work within the framework of Chinese medicine. A strong emphasis on effective hand techniques and sensitivity in touch. This course will give you all you need to start to practice. The 6-month certificate course will give a thorough and solid grounding in the hand techniques and routines of general tuina and allow the successful  student to gain insurance and register with a nationally recognised organisation.



TUINA part 2 - diploma course (6 months)

Diploma course for general health and medical conditions - 2 classes per month

(The diploma is an extension of the certificate course which is a prerequisite for entry.)

This course runs with emphasis on theory and diagnosis in Chinese medicine. Advanced techniques, treatment protocols with a comprehensive clinical practice. This course is a must for those who wish to be competent and confident as a practitioner within a clinic environment.



TUINA part 3 - advanced diploma course (4 lessons)

extended study - strengthening diagnostic and clinical skills - 1 class per month

Face tongue and pulse diagnosis.

Cupping ( fire, pump, static slide and flash)


Plum Blossom therapy


Please give Will a call or an email if you require

any further information on tuina courses

6 month certificate  course tuina diploma course



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F E E D B A C K 



"  I can highly recommend the Tuina Certification course run by Trigram Oriental Medicine.


Our instructor Will, introduced us to the foundation massage techniques and the principles of Chinese medicine in a structured approach which tied both together, without overwhelming you. As the course progressed he introduced more complex techniques and subtlety, increasing our understanding of client and practitioner care and steadily building up confidence in our abilities to operate independently. The pace of tuition was measured and Will ensured that no one was left behind.


This is very much a hands-on course, where constructive feed back is provided throughout and is also requested on how the tuition has been imparted. At the end of each day of tuition I had the same thought "is that the time already, the day has just flown by  "


J o h n   L a n g

(certificate, diploma and advanced diploma courses)


C O U R S E   F E E S

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C O U R S E   F E E S

Please visit the TRIGRAM SHOP for details and purchase options